Fairtex x Booster V2 Boxhandschuhe Leder Schwarz Weiss

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Manufacturer: Fairtex x Booster

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The Fairtex x Booster V2 leather boxing gloves offer a first-class combination of quality and protection for your training. With their focus on wrist protection, high-quality leather and first-class workmanship, they are the perfect choice for any martial artist.

Fairtex x Booster V2 leather boxing gloves: quality and protection for your training

The Fairtex x Booster V2 leather boxing gloves are the result of an exclusive partnership between two industry leaders, Fairtex and Booster Fight Gear. Together they have used their product and market knowledge to create a co-branded product line that meets the needs of European martial artists.
  • Designed for Training and Sparring: These gloves are specifically designed for training and sparring. They offer protection and comfort to make your training effective.
  • Longer cut for extra wrist protection: These gloves have a longer base shape that provides extra wrist protection. This is particularly important to avoid injuries during training.
  • Padded wrist and palm: The gloves feature a padded palm and wrist, which not only ensures a better fit but also provides additional protection.
  • High-quality leather: The gloves are made of 100% high-quality cowhide. This guarantees longevity and quality.
  • Iconic Logos: The gloves bear the iconic logos of Fairtex and Booster, which underlines their authenticity.
  • Made in Thailand: These gloves are made in Thailand, a country with a long tradition of producing martial arts equipment.

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