7PUNCH Studio punching bag synt. leather 180 cm filled 55Kg

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  • weight 56 kg
  • Selection: one size

  • delivery time 3- 9 Werktage (DE)

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The 7PUNCH punching bag combines good handling, thanks to a perfect filling, with durability and minimal maintenance. The indestructible, studio-quality, double-walled artificial leather outer skin allows the training of all full contact techniques without any problems.

- weight approx. 61 kg, diameter approx. 35 cm
- with four-point chain and carabiner

>The punching bag is filled with a textile fiber mixture. This textile fiber mixture is bought new so that no mold or unpleasant smell can develop. This filling offers excellent absorption for hands, feet and legs depositing a telephone number for notification of the delivery is mandatory! Notification of the delivery usually takes place no later than one hour before delivery.

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